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August & September 2015

After a break for the hot summer weather, Jesse returns to the show ring on August 30th to find...yes, more hot weather!  Luckily, his first show back is in the frigid Mennen Sports Arena for the Sussex Hills Kennel Club.  Jesse impresses Judge Mr. Kenneth Kauffman to win Best of Winners and Best of Breed.

September 4th through 6th finds us at the Bridgewater, New Jersey cluster. Beautiful show grounds and ultra hot weather.  Jesse keeps his cool on Friday at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club show and is awarded Best of Winners by Judge Mrs. Polly Smith.  On Saturday, he earns a Best of Opposite Sex from Judge David J. Kirkland.  At the prestigious Westchester Kennel Club show on Sunday, Judge Dr. Robert D. Smith finds our young man for Best of Winners to complete his AKC championship title!  Way to go new Ch. Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove!

May & June 2015

May and June brings a spring shower of points to Kastlekove! At the Ladies Kennel Association of America show in New York, Judge Mrs. Keke Kahn gives Jesse the nod for Winners and Best of Winners for his first major win!  In June, Judge Ms. Kathi Brown awards our young man Best of Winners and Best of Breed for another major win at the prestigious Greenwich Kennel Club show in Connecticut .  In the Terrier Group, Judge Mr. Joseph Gregory pulled our Jesse for his final cut! He was in the group ring with several top terriers, including his new love, Splenda the beautiful Airedale.  The following day, at the Longshore-Southport show, Jesse found himself in the breed ring with a familiar face.  Judge Mr. Joseph Gregory awards him Best of Winners, Best of Breed and Best of Breed Owner-Handled.  Mr. Gregory had lovely compliments on our young man. Though the major was broken on Sunday, Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove brought home a total of 5 points for the weekend. 

Both majors accomplished!


April 2015

After time off to mature and enjoy life for a while, Jesse heads back to the ring in Wilmington, Delaware. He earns back-to-back Winners Dog and Best of Breed awards at the Wilmington Kennel Club and Penn Treaty Kennel Club shows.  Thanks to Judges Ms. Bonnie Threlfall and Kathleen Ferris for 2 more championship points.

May 2014

Spring brings the Long Island shows at the beautiful Planting Fields Arboretum.  Jesse makes his 2014 debut at the Ladies Kennel Association of America shows on May 16 & 17. At show 1, Judge Mrs. Charlotte Patterson finds our young man for Best of Winners!  At show 2 the next day, Judge Ms. Sharol Candace Way also awards Jesse the Best of Winners rosette!  Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove adds 2 more points to his championship journey.

Winter 2013-14

Time off for family and friends.  Jada, Kenzie and Calvin enjoy retirement. Jesse enjoys his crazy teenage months.

October 2013

October brings Montgomery week!  Jesse makes us proud at his first Montgomery week, winning or placing in his class each day.  Our youngster received many compliments from judges, breeders and exhibitors.  The highlight of the week was the USKBTC National Sweepstakes, where our Jesse impressed Judge Mr. Gary Alu.  Jesse was awarded Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps in a very competitive line up! Way to go, Jesse!

September 2013

September was busy for our Kerry boys!  Calvin showed to Judge Ms. Linda More at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club show, bring home Best of Winners and 2 more points.  He followed that with a win at Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club.  Judge Mrs. Dorothy Taylor gives Calvin Best of Winners, Best of Breed for his final major win and finishes his title!

Then, it's off to New York.  The Kastlekove boys do well on Long Island.  Judge Toby Fritsch points to Jesse for Best in Sweepstakes at the Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club Specialty!  Not to be left out, Calvin brings home two Best of Opposite Sex awards, one from Judge Mrs. Olga Gagne at the Specialty and also from Judge Mrs. Mary Lou Kniola at the Westbury Kennel Association.

June 2013

The Kastlekove Klan makes a trip to Connecticut for the Greenwich Kennel Club show on Saturday, June 8th. We followed Tropical Storm Andrea's heavy rain up the coast, but the skies cleared as we arrived in Norwalk.  Kastlekove's Grand Design is awarded Winners Dog and Best of Winners by Judge Mrs. Sally George for a major win!  As icing on the cake, Mrs. George also award Winners Bitch to Calvin's daughter, Paxon's The Devil Wears Prada, giving young Meryl a major win as well! Celebration in the Paxon-Kastlekove Camp!!

March 2013

Calvin starts the season at Raritan Center in New Jersey.  Judge Mrs. Rosalind Kramer points to our boy for Winners Dog and a point at the New Brunswick Kennel Club show on March 22nd.  On March 23rd & 24th, Paxon's Turning Heads at Kastlekove, makes his show debut!  Jesse brings home the purple and white for Reserve Winners Dog from the 6 to 9 Puppy Class on both days.  Thank you to Judges Mr. Desmond Murphy and Mr. John Constantine.

Winter 2012 - 2013

Time off for family and friends.

Happy Holidays!

October 2012

Calvin showed at the Hatboro Kennel Club show on October 4th.  He placed 2nd in a large Bred By Exhibitor class under Judge Mary Jane Carberry.  The rest of the weekend was spent as spectators watching some of the finest Kerries from around the country and Europe!

September 2012

Fall is a busy time for Kastlekove.  Calvin heads to New York for the Suffolk County Kennel Club shows.  Suffolk Day 1 brings Calvin a Winners Dog placement from Judge Mrs. Alice M. Watkins for a purple ribbon.  On Day 2, Judge Mrs. Marcia Feld awards Calvin her Winners Dog, Best of Winners and...a surprise...Best of Breed Owner Handled over specials.  A bright finish to a dark rainy day!

August 2012

The end of August and start of September mark the start of a busy fall show season.  Calvin heads to New Jersey for the Newton Kennel Club shows.  Two days, two shows, two Best of Winners awards and two more points under his belt!  Thank you to Judges Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine and Mr. David J. Kirkland for your nod of approval.


August is time to ease back into the swing of things before the big fall shows.  August 5th at the Hunterdon Hills Kennel Club show was a hot and very windy day.  Kastlekove's Grand Design was the only Kerry Blue entered.  Should we bother to go show on this miserable day?  We decided to go just for a "practice run" - take it easy and just have some fun.  Calvin showed in the Terrier Group and imagine our surprise when Judge Mrs. Sue Goldberg not only pulled him for the final cut, but awarded our young man a Group 4 placement!

Summer 2012

Hot weather arrives!  Swimming and romping for the 2 legged and 4 legged family - a well deserved break for all!

May 2012

The Kastlekove Klan heads to Long Island, NY to the beautiful Planting Fields Arboretum.  Calvin receives two Reserve Winners Dog awards at the LKAA show and the Long Island Kennel Club show.  Thank you Judges Mr. Geir Flyckt-Pedersen and Dr. Jerry Klein.  The highlight of the weekend was Calvin's Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes at the Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club Supported Entry.  Thank you Judge Mr. Brian Meindl for recognizing our young man!

April 2012

The first outdoor shows of spring find us in Delaware.  Calvin is awarded Best of Winners by Judges Mrs. Rosalind Kramer and Mr. Desmond Murphy at the Wilmington and the Penn Treaty Kennel Club shows.

March 2012

Calvin starts the spring season at the New Brunswick Kennel Club and the Bronx County Kennel Club shows in NJ.  Friday and Saturday he is Reserve Winners Dog under Judges Mr. Jon Cole and Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark.  Our boy finished the weekend with a Best of Winners award from Judge Ms. Melinda Lyon on Sunday to add another point toward his championship.

Winter 2011-2012

The Kastlekove Klan takes a break for holidays & family.  Calvin and his sisters, Molly and Maddie, celebrate their first birthday.  Calvin is maturing in mind (we hope!) and body, as peeks of silver appear in his beautiful coat.  We are looking forward to the warm weather and dog shows that spring will bring.

October 2011

October means Terrier Week in PA!  Hatboro 1 & 2, Devon and Montgomery County Kennel Club - big shows for our little man!  Calvin has a grand time, and though we brought home no championship points, we received a placing in the classes each day and encouraging comments from judges and fellow Kerry exhibitors.


Off to NY in early September for the Brookhaven and Westbury shows!  Calvin shows well and wins his class both days.  Sunday, October 2nd, our little man is chosen as Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes at the Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club Specialty.  Thank you Judge Mr. Joseph Smela!

September 2011

Late summer was a wash of canceled shows due to hurricanes and flooding.  We thought Calvin would never get to step into the show ring.  Finally, after the rough weather of August and early September, our young boy gets his first point at the Berks County Kennel Club show!  Judge Mrs. Ann Hearn awarded Calvin Winners Dog from the 6-9 puppy class.

Winter 2010-2011

Kenzie takes a leave of absence from the show ring to try her paw at motherhood.

She presented us with 3 gorgeous babies in January 2011!

Fall 2010

On October 3rd, Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club is good luck again!  Judge Ms. Mary Jane Carberry gives Kenzie the nod as Select Bitch at the Westbury Kennel Association Supported Entry.  This gives our girl a FIVE point Grand Champion MAJOR!  We love NY!  Thanks to Judge Carberry!

Kenzie is back in the ring at Somerset Hills Kennel Club.  Judge Mr. Charles J. Foley awards our girl Best Of Opposite Sex on September 11th.

Summer 2010

Time off from showing!  Rest and relaxation for the dogs - lots of yard work for the humans!

Spring 2010

At Bryn Mawr Kennel Club show on June 20th, Judge Mrs. Knowlton A. Reynders chooses Kenzie as her Best Of Opposite Sex for another Grand Champion point.

June 6th, Kenzie brings home a Best Of Breed at Burlington County Kennel Club under Judge Mr. Frank Washabaugh.

Spring means a trip to Long Island, NY!  Kenzie brings home her first Grand Champion points and a MAJOR to boot!  Judge Mr. Michael D. Buckley awards our girl Select Bitch on May 23rd at the Long Island Kennel Club, an Empire Kerry Blue terrier Club Supported Entry.

October 2009

October brings Montgomery Week!  Hatboro, Devon and Montgomery County Kennel Club shows are known for the largest terrier entries in the country.  Though Kenzie did not bring home any rosettes this week, she made the cut in a large Best Of Breed entry at Thursday's Hatboro show under Judge Mrs. Michelle L. Billings.

September 2009

We love NY!  On Friday, September 25th, Judge Ms. Dorothy B. Taylor awards Kenzie Best Of Opposite Sex at the Brookhaven Kennel Club.

Kenzie brings home Best Of Breed at Valley Forge Kennel Club on September 20th under Judge Mr. Johan Becerra-Hernandez.

August 2009

Kenzie tries her paw in the ring as a special.  At Mid-Susquehanna Kennel Club on August 22nd, Judge Mr. David Kirkland finds Kenzie as his Best Of Breed.  In the group ring, our girl makes the final cut to end the day just behind the ribbons.  What a nice accomplishment for a young special!

June 2009

Kenzie's AKC Championship Certificate arrives, along with her Bred By Exhibitor medallion.

May 2009

May brings the first big shows of spring -  Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club Supported Entry at the LKAA Show on May 15th provides our girl, Kenzie, with that final major win!  Judge Mr. Roberto Velez-Pico awards Kenzie Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners for a 4-point major win, finishing her AKC championship in style! 

October 2008

Montgomery Week brings crisp fall weather to Pennsylvania.  Kenzie shows nicely in a large Bred-By-Exhibitor class - placing second and fourth in her class at Hatboro I and Hatboro II.


July & August 2008

The Kastlekove Krew takes a well deserved break during the Dawg Dayz of Summer.

Kenzie will enjoy swimming and playing with her friends, as well as having her OFA Hip Certification.  Look for her in the show ring in fall as we search for that last major win to complete her AKC Championship!

June 2008

On Sunday, June 22nd, Kenzie is awarded Reserve Winners Bitch by Judge Mr. George J. Heitzman at the Staten Island Kennel Club Show.

Kenzie brings home two purple ribbons on Bryn Mawr Kennel Club Show weekend!  On Saturday, June 14th Kenzie is chosen as Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners by Judge Mrs. Loraine Boutwell.  Sunday, our girl repeats as Winner Bitch und Judge Mr. William F. Potter II.

May 2008

The Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club Spring Specialty was held on Friday, May 16th.  The day was cold and rainy.  The bright spot of our day was when Kenzie was awarded Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners for a 5 point major!  Many thanks to Judge Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine for this special win.

At Chester Valley Kennel Club on May 10th, Kenzie is named Winner Bitch by Judge Ms. Mary Jane Carberry.

April 2008

April 26th, our first outdoor show of the year at Wilmington Kennel Club brings an award of Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex for Kenzie from Judge Mr. Gary L. Doerge.

March 2008

On Friday, March 21st, Kenzie is named Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners at the New Brunswick Kennel Club show in New Jersey.  Thanks to Judge Wyoma Clouss for this award!  At Twin Brooks on Sunday, our girl is awarded Reserve Winners Bitch by Judge William deVilleneuve.

Kenzie is awarded Bred By Exhibitor Terrier Group Two at the Kennel Club Of Northern New Jersey show on March 2nd by Judge Barbara Woods.

February 2008

Rockland County Kennel Club brings a Best Of Winners and Best Of Breed for Kenzie on February 23rd.  A nice start to a new year.

Winter 2007-2008

The Kastlekove clan is taking a well deserved break over the cold winter months.  We are looking forward to spring and the start of a new show season!

October 2007

Kenzie is awarded Winners Bitch and Bred-By-Exhibitor Terrier Group One on October 19th at Gloucester County Kennel Club Show in New Jersey.  A shining moment on a windy, rainy day!

The first week in October brings "Terrier Week" and the prestigious Hatboro Dog Club and Montgomery County Kennel Club shows.  On Thursday, October 4th, Kenzie wins her large Bred-By Exhibitor Class under Judge Mr. Don Munro of Arkama Kerries (UK) at the Hatboro Show with a total entry of 95 Kerry Blue Terriers.  A huge accomplishment for a young lady!

September 2007

On Saturday September 8th, Kenzie is named Winner Bitch and Best Of Winners at Somerset Hills Kennel Club Show in New Jersey (Philadelphia Kerry Blue Terrier Club Supported Entry)!  Our appreciation to Judge Mrs. Betty-Anne Stenmark for this award.

May 2007

On May 19th, Kenzie travels to New York and is awarded first in Bred By Exhibitor class at the Empire KBT Club Specialty at the Ladies Kennel Association Of America show.  She repeats the following day at Long Island Kennel Club and goes on to win a Bred By Exhibitor Group Three rosette!  A big day for a little girl!

Spring 2007

Kenzie gets her paws wet at a few small shows.  She is having a ball!  Though just learning the ropes, her super attitude is getting her noticed!  Her first "big" shows were Garden State Terrier and Bucks County Kennel Club where she proudly came home with two second in Bred By Exhibitor class awards.

March 2006

At New Brunswick Kennel Club on Friday, March 24th, Jada takes Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex under Judge Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine.  On Saturday, she returns to New Brunswick and comes away with Winners Bitch and a becomes a NEW CHAMPION!  Many thanks to Judge Betty-Anne Stenmark.  Jada is the 77th Paxon champion from proud breeders Aileen and Richard Santo!

February 2006

Jada is awarded a Best of Opposite Sex award from Judge Alfred Ferruggiaro at the Annapolis Kennel Club show on Saturday, February 18th.  On Saturday, February 25th, Judge Frank Washabaugh awards her Reserve Winners Bitch at Rockland Kennel Club.

January 2006

Jada takes some time off!  During her break, she passes her OFA hip radiographs with flying colors!  We are very proud of her EXCELLENT hip rating!  She is also given an OFA Thyroid rating of normal.

October 2005

At the prestigious Morris & Essex Kennel Club show on October 6th, Jada is awarded Reserve Winners Bitch by Judge Mr. Robert S. Forsyth at the Philadelphia Kerry Blue Terrier Club Specialty!  What an accomplishment at a specialty with entries from all over the States and several foreign countries.  Many thanks to Judge Forsyth for this Montgomery Week win!

July & August 2005

Jada will be taking a well deserved break during the hot summer months.  She will enjoy swimming in the pool and being a couch potato.  Look for her in the ring in September, when she returns to complete her title!

June 2005

Jada's breeder, Richard Santo, takes her for a spin at the Empire Specialty on June 11th and comes away with Winners Bitch and a 5 POINT MAJOR WIN!  Jada is only 2 points from her title!  Our appreciation to Judge Dr. Samuel Draper for acknowledging our girl.

May 2005

Jada turns some heads at the Garden State All Terrier Club Show on Friday, May 6th!  She takes Winners Bitch over a large entry at the Philadelphia Kerry Blue Terrier Club Supported Entry for a MAJOR WIN!  Many thanks to Judge Frank J. Washabaugh.

April 2005

On Friday, April 15th, Jada takes Best Of Winners and Best Opposite Sex under judge Alfred J. Ferruggiaro at Chambersburg Area Kennel Club.  Saturday, she goes Reserve Winners Bitch with judge Richard L. Bauer.

March 2005

Jada sweeps New Brunswick Kennel Club!  She takes Winner's Bitch and Best Opposite Sex under judge Sandra Goose-Allen on Friday, and repeats under judge Robert J. Shreve on Saturday.

February 2005

Jada starts the year with a win at Rockland Kennel Club on February 27th!  She takes Winners Bitch under breeder judge Bertram Tormey.

October 2004

Jada tries her paw at Montgomery weekend.  At the USKBTC Sweepstakes on October 1st, she goes Best Puppy Bitch in Sweepstakes under breeder judge Gene Possidento.

September 2004

Jada starts her show career with a bang!  Saturday, September 25th, she wins Best in Sweeps at the Empire Specialty, Best Puppy in Breed and goes on to Puppy Group 1.  Sunday, September 26th, she repeats with Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 2!


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